About Sovino

Our Goal

To connect quality-conscious Canadians
with distinctive styles of Korean Soju and Wine
from boutique producers around the world.

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of
Canadians & Koreans dedicated to uplifting
the beverage scene in Western Canada.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to building a portfolio of
producers that prioritize a strong sense of place,
focussing on regions and styles that are poorly
represented in Western Canada.

Our Approach


From Vancouver's International wine festival to smaller Craft festivals in Calgary and Edmonton, we take every opportunity to pour our products for the public - and have a great time doing it!

Social Media 

We use Social Media as an Avenue to discuss and share nuances in our products, creating sales through consumer education. We also build relationships with local influencers and give them opportunities to try and promote our products. 

Sales Team  

Our small but ever-growing sales team is always on the go, maintaining and building new relationships across Western Canada. As our portfolio grows, we hope to add more passionate members to our team.

Local Media

We partner with local Canadian & Korean print media as well as local news to promote our products when opportunities arise. 

Our Relationships

The Beverage industry is one built upon relationships. While on one side we are focused on building close relationships with top producers we extend in the other direction to liquor stores and restaurants all across western Canada. We are proud to be close with licensees ranging from Michelin guide restaurants to small family owned liquor stores.