Vini Alois


Vini Alois-pallagrello-italy

Pallagrello Bianco

A fresh and unique white wine made from the rare indigenous white grape pallagrello nero, grown on volcanic soils. Tropical, light and mineral this white makes the perfect aperitif.


A classic expression of Campanian Falanghina. Bright and salty, with plenty of stone fruit and citrus pith. Best consumed young with seafood or salad.

Vini Alois-Aglianico-italy


One of the best value Aglianicos in the world. Offering great dark fruit, black pepper and a gamey complexity with soft approachable structure. This wine delivers premium flavors for a great price.


A serious Aglianico from its top appellation Taurasi. This wine shows slighty developed with ripe dark fruit and tonnes of leather, tobacco and forest floor. Drink now or continue to age 4+ years!


An entry level expression of the extremely rare grape Casavecchia. Medium bodied with lots of dried herbs and spice, this savoury structured red is a perfect pairing for meats and cheeses.

Vini Alois-Murella Pallagrello Nero-italy

Murella Pallagrello Nero

Arguably the best expression of the rare grape Pallagrello Nero coming from a single vinyard in alta Campania. Intense and savoury, this wine shows deep spicy, herbal complexity and will age for many years before showing its best character.